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My Beliefs and Principles

  • I am Pro-America and believe in our Constitution and Nation.
  • I am Pro-West Virginia and believe in the need to decentralize many of our state services.
  • I believe in my fellow citizens - we are independent and self-reliant. Working together we will all achieve the American Dream.
  • I believe in free market principles and will vote for legislation that supports economic opportunity and jobs for all our citizens.
  • I believe that government has an obligation to spend our tax money wisely and with full transparency. (Fiscal Responsibility)
  • I believe that our children are our future. We must protect, nurture, and educate them. Our goal is to help them become successful adults and citizens in our State and Nation.
  • I am a conservative Republican and team player who will work with like minded legislators to enact legislation that supports the above beliefs and principles. These beliefs and principles will be further explained in the “Issues” pages of this Web Site as I add my position on each issue.

Republican Member of WV House of Delegates - District 91

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